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    If you notice a blue screen except for Windows services, this guide should help. What is a system operation exception error? This is a blue screen of death (BSoD) indicating that the operating system encountered your own problem while running one of the system processes.

    How do I fix system service exception blue screen?

    Press Windows Tip + I to open each settings window.Now go to Update & Security and check for any pending updates in Windows Update.If there might be an update, save all major versions, then click Restart Now.Your program will restart during the process.

    When someone gets a blue screen of death with the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION stop code, there can be many reasons, although a new bad driver is always the culprit. The normal password for error checking is definitely 0x3B with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. Interestingly, the digital code has many (7!) associations with our Microsoft Error Finder, so it’s best to look for this important tool only with an actual textual stop code and in combination with a number program. Check for errors related to the page, this error gives the appropriateher explanation of its cause: “This indicates that an exception occurred during execution, which is transitioning from unprivileged code to privileged code.”


    Microsoft also states on the error checking page for SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION that “If the appropriate driver can be identified as responsible for your current error, its label will be printed on a green screen…” Indeed, I have personally tested this method. error with Windows 10 NTFS Directory system driver (Ntfs.sys) identified as one person’s culprit. This identification is a built-in boon because it lets many of you know that a file machine error has occurred. However, you cannot and should not override the drivers required by Windows at the operating system level, as is the case with a device or set of drivers.

    These fixes are best left to the SFC and dism commands. So the first element’s response to the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION stop code after a reboot will cause these commands to be run in the large administrative command prompt.Key or PowerShell session:

    The first command finds and fixes any corrupted or missing files in the Windows Component Store (usually C:WindowsWinSxS). The second command checks Windows system files (SFC stands for System Checker, actually a file) and replaces any corrupted or missing documentation it identifies. The above DISM management usually takes 3-5 minutes, while the SFC command can take longer (especially when rebuilding). If SFC detects errors in the processing parameters and resubmits the same command, you will receive a clean health score at the last follow-up:

    windows service exception blue screen

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    If itemprop=”caption SFC captures corrupted files and replaces them Installs them, keep prompting the command until it confirms “…no integrity violations found”. It only took two attempts here to get the achievement status. (Credit Card Image: Tom’s Hardware)


    The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error is due to the presence of bad drivers. The blue screen of death occurs when your computer encounters an error that it doesn’t know how to respond to. In this case, you should check if you want to enter safe mode because you won’t be able to perform any safe tasks on your computer.

    Windows 10 and Windows 14 have a built-in driver verifier called verifier.exe. It is located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder (where Windows contains many of its administrative tools and hence). In fact, drivers are often complicated by the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION bug, because many people, in terms of Windows code elements, belong to a class that allows access to protected system code (with the mechanisms of the operating system itself, of course). Many device drivers can cause certain errors, so it is not uncommon for them to appear when installing new hardware or when connecting a small number of removable storage devices (usually via a USB or Thunderbolt port).

    What is system service exception error in Windows 10?

    It can be a one time error caused by a bug in Windows itself, on the other hand it can be caused by Devices and Devices. Corrupted drivers, system files, or a good malicious application trying to infiltrate and execute protected Windows code.

    If a previous system restore (DISM during SFC) did not resolve the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD, there may be a Windows Driver Verifier tool that can helpCan identify the culprit that is successfully causing this BSOD. This tool comes with a good warning: make sure you have created one recent image backup for your PC before using it, as the checks will check all device drivers and deliberately trigger a BSOD if a driver is found that cannot be verified or corrupted . or damaged.Information

    What you’re looking for should appear above the crash dump created when the BSOD occurred. This dump occupies a file named memory.dmp or minidump.dmp. The old one is in the Windows root directory, always C:Windows. It is located in the C:WindowsMinidump folder. I highly recommend using Sofer’s BlueScreenView nir tool to view and verify crash dumps. He’ll gladly make one of those crash movies and tell you what’s going on.

    Enable Driver Verification

    1. Type “verifier.exe” in the large PowerShell administrative or command prompt. The Driver Verifier Manager program will open.

    2. Click “Next” and leave this preset in the default “Create Settings” folder.

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    (Image Description”>3. “Automatically select all drivers installed on a specific computer. If you’d rather focus on a list of drivers by brand, click “Select a driver name from any list” instead. Either way, click “Next” to continue.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the scan you want to run
  • 3. Review the results and take action if needed

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    Optimize your PC now with this easy-to-use download.

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