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    If you are facing Windows Installer error 1722 Windows 7 on your computer, it’s time to take a look at these troubleshooting methods. Windows Installer is disabled in system settings.Some system files are left behind or damaged on your computer.Invalid or corrupted registry entries have always conflicted with Windows Installer.Some application programs are damaged.

    Error 1722 Windows Installer Package Error is the most common error window among users and has affected millions of computers some time ago. If you also get this skill error, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we have walked you all about this installation error, including how to fix it. During installation, you may encounter one of the errors.

    What Is Error 1722 – Windows Installer Package Error?

    How do I fix Windows installer package?

    Method 1: make sure you have administrator rightsMethod 2. Use the troubleshooter to install and uninstall the program.Method 3: repair the software.Method 3: re-register Windows Installer.Method 5. Restart any Windows Installer service.

    Error 1722 is sort of giving up the habit of throwing an error when the Windows Installer pop-up appears, which means it was unable to install the package on your system. If you click OK, this error will cancel the installation, and the installation willwill result in an error. It doesn’t matter what software you install. It can appear with any software, probably with the installation of the driver, but most often it comes out with the next installation.

    windows installer 1722 windows 7

    1. Installing Microsoft WSE 3.0
    2. Install Java
    3. Install security software
    4. Install the driver
    5. Install games
    6. Install Microsoft products, etc.


    How do I fix error 1722 on FSX?

    Scan this registry.Start the Windows Installer service.For now, re-register the Windows Installer service.Open the program and troubleshoot to uninstall.Enable Windows Scripting Hosting.Set up a new administrator account.

    Error 1722 appears in Setup for the following reasons:

    1 next. Dependent system files are missing such as dll files, ocx file types, sys files, etc.
    2. Invalid registry entries conflicting with the installer.
    3. Recently, the antivirus maliciously deleted files, but also damaged the left hand.
    4. Installation completed, etc.

    windows installer 1722 windows 7

    Almost all Windows operating systems were affected, such as Windows, Windows 8, Windows 8, Windows 1, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server version and more (all.

    Method 1: Fix It With Advanced System Restore

    The most common cause of frequent Windows Installer crashes are damaged or corrupted system files, dll files,executable files, system information, etc. There are thousands of bit system files that fulfill their specific role, if a typical file is replaced, removed, or flagged with one thing, you can get Windows Installer package error 1722.

    Download and install the advanced system recovery tool and scan your current computer. It has a large directory with 25 million files. Ultimately, it can find all corrupted or deleted system files and reinstall people with new ones. Then use the Advanced System Restore tool optimized to install the installation package.

    Method 2: Restart Windows Installer Services

    1. Click Start> Run. Type “Services.msc” without and press Enter.
    2. Windows will find the installer and double-click it.
    3. Install our custom Windows Installer startup type to help you.
    4. Click “Start” to start the services and click “OK”.

    Re-registration Method 3: New Windows Installer

    1. Close the entire sprint program.
    2. Open the box and “Run”. Go to Start> Run, type msiexec / unregister (without the quotes) and click OK. Will it deregister Windows services?
    3. Now open the run command again and just “msiexec type / regserver” (without quotes) and also click OK.
    4. Restart your computer and you won’t get error 1722.

    Method 4: Renamed The Car Folder Key. It Runs On Windows Server In 2012 R2

    How do I fix a Windows installer problem windows 7?

    Restart page c. Restarting Windows can resolve a number of issues, including Windows Installer Delivery Package errors.Update Windows.Update Windows apps.Run one Windows troubleshooter.Restore the iPhone app.Reset the application.Conversion Install the software package.Disable some startup applications.

    1. Renamed C: ProgramData Microsoft Crypt RSA MachineKeys to the MachineKeys.old folder
    2. Re-create the C: ProgramData Microsoft Crypt RSA MachineKeys folder.
    3. C: ProgramData Microsoft Crypt RSA MachineKeys.old moved to C: Temp
    4. Run the installer again


    In this article, I described 4 ways to fix Error 1722 – Windows Installer Package Error. If you appreciate the added ability to remove msi bug 1722, please leave your solution in the comment box.