Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they have found out what the file system cache is in aix.

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    The file system stores parts of the file system in RAM for faster access than any readable hard drive. How the cache is typically modified, filled, and invalidated often depends on the file system being used, the applications running, and the underlying operating system.

    Memory allocation is controlled by the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM). Be this
    can be customizedBe according to the needs of your system. The main parameters minperm and maxperm
    (20% and even 80% by default) control the amount of memory required to cache
    JFS file bodies. When the used disk space associated with the file cache (number m, reported by
    vmstat -v) falls below minperm, VMM simply steals compute pages
    for the application using file caching. If numperm One is greater than maxperm
    , then only boot cache pages will be compromised until numperm is less than maxperm.
    If numperm can be described as intermediate between minperm and maxperm, then the lrud
    method will be either a file If necessary, you can also calculate the theft of pages.

    I usually work with an oracle that has its own caching routine, not
    DB2, plus I usually set it to 3 % and 8%. VMM has
    up to 80% memory, not what maxperm is set to, the real meaning is that
    file pages are stolen more to make room for compute page creation if needed. Strictly

    If maxperm can be considered enabled, numperm will never be emulated b maxperm. This setting is disabled by default, but maxclient direct
    enabled by default.

    In short, the Rights Manager. VMM steals file pages to
    mount computers until the number of file sites drops to the actual

    September 29, 2006 robert.weinmann wrote about ibm-aix-l
    > Everything I’ve read is almost the same as memory management, that AIX offers.
    > This memory space is needed primarily for calculations.
    > Free memory is used for file caching, but if more memory is needed for
    > calculations, the memory manager will take care of it.

    > Parameters similar to vmtune tell AIX how many books comp vs. Unix sysadmin


    VMM concepts

    What is file system cache?

    The file system’s memory cache contains the most recently used data from disk, which allows subsequent queries to also get results from the cache instead of reading them again from the CD. The file system cache can often be used as a replacement for a number of database caches.

    (Some AIX data uses working and persistent memory segments, but sometimes persistent memory (as in svmon) is only tied to the File jfs cache. Because of the double meaning of the name “permanent”, I prefer to use persistent memory rather than doing work (as in numperm ) or using constant word for JFS file cache.)

    Virtual memory segments are divided into device pages; Each page you view resides in actual physical memory (RAM) or is saved to disk as needed. AIX Virtual can use memory to address more memory than is physically available in the model. Memory pages in RAM or hard disk are managed by VMM.


    What is file cache in Linux?

    When managing memory, the Linux kernel uses its own caching mechanism, often referred to as page caching or disk caching, to improve read and link performance. Simply put, its main purpose is to copy data, i.e. binary files, from storage to good old RAM, reducing disk I/O and improving overall performance.

    refers to a block of data of a fixed size (usually 4096 bytes). The page may be in memory (i.e. mapped to a location in physical memory) and/or the page may be on disk (i.e. memory is swapped out to swap space or the file system).

    The pagesize command displays the page size used by the system:

    $page size

    VMM supports functional page layouts available from a list. VMM also uses a special page replacement algorithm to determine which virtual memory elements currently in RAM are reallocated to personal page frames, which are mapped to the free list.

    AIX tries to use RAM every minute, except for a small amount, and even keeps it at a high cost for free. To keep this small number of unallocated pages, VMM uses homepage exits and page stealing to completely free up disk space and reallocate those web frames to the free list.


    — The aix load that occurs when resources are shared between user functions and internal accounting.

    Page . . .
    page error
    what is file system cache in aix

    — Occurs when a process tries to access an address in virtual memory. It has no actual location in physical memory.

    what is file system cache in aix

    The system then tries to load the corresponding data generated from the hard disk.

    side flight demon

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  • — Daemon responsible for freeing memory tiles for use by almost all other processes

    page up

    — Free physical memory pages based on usage.

    The kernel constantly checks to see ifWhether the number of sites on your free list is below the full threshold. When this happens, the page stealing daemon kicks in and starts paging the swap space, at least the most recently used pages. Any page hosted on a free name becomes available for the process to use by other processes. Written pages returned for paging must be re-read into the correct physical memory when the process is needed again.

    AIX VMM combines cached file data with management of other types of virtual RAM (for example, process data, process stack, and so on). It usually stores file data in pages, as a single virtual memory for processes. (In many modern computer systems, each thread has a reserved area of ​​memory called a stack.)

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