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    This guide will help you when you find that the service has stopped with the specific error 17058.


    If the Microsoft SQL Server service simply cannot find the configured path to generate error logs, the service may not start and you will receive the following error, depending on how you try to start the service creation:

  • Using the Services applet:

    Windows could not start SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) on local computer.1067:
    error Progress stopped unexpectedly.

  • Using the command line:

    The SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service is starting.
    The SQL Server service (MSSQLSERVER) can be started.
    Specially fixed service error: 13.
    For more help, just type NET HELPMSG 3523.

  • Resolution

    1. Check the application log and make sure you see a valid error message entry that looks like this:

      Log name: applicationSource: MSSQLSERVERDate: Event ID: 17058Job Category: Serverlevel: errorKeyword: classiccueUser: N/AComputer: Description:initerrlog: FilesMicrosoft error log file "c:Programs SQL ServerMSSQL15.MSSQLSERVRMSSQLLogERRORLOG" not found.Operating system error 3 (The system cannot find the specified destination).
    2. Check the path specified for the ErrorLog file using SQL Server Configuration Manager. Alt=”Screenshot

      You can also check the path to the following registry entry:

      SubKey Data

    3. Try copying the new path, and then verify that you can manually navigate to the destination in the path using Windows Explorer or a direct command. (Beware of typos, symbols, special problems, or copy-paste.)

      Here is an example of an invalid command containing a typo:

      C:>FilesMicrosoft directory "c:SQL Server ProgramMSSQL15.MSSQLSERVRMSSQLLog"

      The system cannot unambiguouslyClearly find the specified path.

      Here is the correct command:

      C:>FilesMicrosoft Directory "c:SQL Server ProgramMSSQL15.MSSQLSERVERMSSQLLog"

      Sending volume from windows
      The serial number of the volume is indeed 40B5-7ED1

      terminated with service specific error 17058

      C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL15.MSSQLSERVERMSSQLLog

      20640 ERROR LOG
      14.082 ERROR LOG.1

    4. Update the path to a valid directory where the itc SQL Server account has permissions to create, view, write, and update files.

    5. terminated with service specific error 17058

      Restart the SQL Server service.

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    Check to find another error in the tree event thatcorrelates in time with this error. – In principle, the manager’s service is enough. The SQL service on the server should write another error (either to the event log or possibly to the error log) indicating that an internal error occurred. This common error name has absolutely nothing to do with Service Manager as a debugging tool. This is also known as – Google for “Sql-Server 17058” finds many links.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the scan you want to run
  • 3. Review the results and take action if needed

  • Optimize your PC now with this easy-to-use download.

    Beeindigd Met Servicespecifieke Fout 17058
    Zakonczony Z Bledem Uslugi 17058
    Terminato Con Errore Specifico Del Servizio 17058
    Prekrasheno S Oshibkoj Sluzhby 17058
    Termine Avec L Erreur Specifique Au Service 17058
    Termino Con El Error Especifico Del Servicio 17058
    Encerrado Com Erro Especifico De Servico 17058
    서비스별 오류 17058로 종료됨
    Avslutades Med Tjanstespecifikt Fel 17058