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    Here are a few easy ways that can help fix the Outlook idle time reset issue.

    reset free busy time in outlook

    Outlook Scheduling Assistant is unable to retrieve free/busy information, primarily due to incorrectly configured user permissions. Ideally, a dangerous autocomplete cache or a bad server build could also cause the error. This issue indicates that when booking an appointment, the inviting user is having difficulty accessing the invitee’s calendar, and free/busy information cannot be retrieved. The policy for users whose data is not allowed to be retrieved is displayed as a slash in the organization wizard.

    Scheduling Wizard can’t get availability data


    1. If the problem started after the latest Windows/Office update, uninstall the update.
    2. Make sure the relevant online marketers have accepted or canceled the appointment, otherwise availability will not be shown on the calendar.
    3. Use OWA to let them schedule a meeting. If there are any hosting issues in OWA, the problem is most likely almost entirely server related. In this case, contact your IT administrator.
    4. Make sure that the user whose calendar might be invisible does not match their calendar for this period as “Works elsewhere”.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the scan you want to run
  • 3. Review the results and take action if needed

  • This error message will most likely be resolved immediately by following the tips below, as there are no per-ownership restrictions (if you’re using an account associated with an organization). If the client is like this, you need to contact the new IT department.

    1. Customize Uptime For Each Organization

    Some users unknowingly schedule their availability outside business hours of the same organization, which canDo not crash the scheduler. for employment information. For example, a company’s business hours were from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and this user set the ideal availability time to between 6:00 PM and 2:00 AM. You should then see that the user’s free/busy data is crossed out to indicate free/busy time (if the meeting is during business hours of the organization). In this case, setting the calendar associated with that user based on the organization’s office calendar might resolve the issue. This step must be accompanied by both participants (invite and be invited).

    1. Launch Outlook, you can click File menu and also click Options.
      Open Outlook Options
    2. Now click on your current calendar on the left side of the click box.
    3. Now in the Working Hours section, change the working hours and Working hours according to your organization’s work schedule.
      Change Work Time in Calendar
    4. Outlook now restarts Outlook and checks if the Schedule Assistant keeps the task in order.

    2. Use Online Mode

    reset free busy time in outlook

    Outlook works great with Exchange Server in both cached and online modes. In each of our cache modes, Outlook stores one of the user’s Exchange mailboxes locally. If Outlook has problems syncing in cached mode, this may be causing the current assistant scheduling issue. In this case, changing the Outlook Online web connection mode may resolve the issue. This step must be completed by both users’ systems.

    1. Open Outlook and open the File menu.
    2. Then just click the drop-down menu on the “Account Settings” button and click “Account Settings” again.
      Open Account Settings
    3. On the Email tab, usually at this time, select an account and click Edit.
      Change Email Account in Settings
    4. Next, in the Exchange account settings window, click Advanced settings.
      Open More Settings Account Statistics
    5. Go to the Advanced tab and just uncheck “Use Cached Exchange Mode”.
      Disable Cached Mode
    6. Restart your Outlook check now and you should still be able to get free/busy information without any issues.

    3. Change Calendar Permissions

    Why does my Outlook Calendar show busy all day?

    In Outlook, your Workbench has several security options that allow or deny access to other potential customers. By default, your calendar settings should be set to Free/Busy. This means that other lovers trying to access your calendar will see the times of our dates, but not the details.

    If a user’s calendar access is set to None/Participant, other people will never be able to see their free/busy information. If you cannot restore onlyto an individual user’s free/busy information, this may be due to a misconfiguration of their calendar permission. In this case, creating permission to view a calendar that includes free/busy, subject, and office information may resolve the issue. This action is performed on user systems whose free/busy data cannot be restored.

    Calendar.Permissions set to None
    1. Open Outlook and also click “Calendar”.
    2. Now right-click the default calendar and select Properties.
      Open Outlook Calendar Properties
    3. Now go to permissions
    4. Toggle permission for availability period or availability theme, time and location.
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