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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have come across the well known double spaced error message in Outlook. This problem occurs due to several factors. Let’s discuss some of them below. Select the paragraph your whole family wants to edit, or press Ctrl + A to select all of the text.Go to Home> Line & Paragraph Spacing.Select the line spacing you want.For more precise spacing, select Line Spacing Options and make changes in the Spacing section.

    By default, Outlook uses double spacing only between paragraphs. In any case, if you end up with double-spaced paragraphs, chances are good that someone changed those defaults. Is it possible to permanently remove duplicate line or paragraph spacing simply by changing the default News Network settings?

    Open a message box in Outlook if you haven’t already.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the scan you want to run
  • 3. Review the results and take action if needed

  • Click in the part of the window where you compose your information. If you already started with information, the text of the message is double spaced.

    remove double line spacing in outlook

    Click the small arrow in the corner of the displayed paragraph section on the ribbon to open the Paragraph dialog box.

    Change the Line Spacing to Single to create individual spacing in lines and paragraphs.


    “Before” and “After” settings to successfully control the spacing between paragraphs. Changing the settings to zero removes all spaces between paragraphs.

    Click the Set as Default button, then select All Documentsyou are based on NormalEmail.dotm “to apply the new one and set all future messages.

    Alan Sembera began writing for regional newspapers in Texas and Louisiana. His professional career includes computer technician, news editor and tax filing specialist. Sembert now writes absolute time about business and technology. He holds a BA in Journalism from Texas A&M University.

    • Double spacing can also occur in outgoing messages if you “enter” instead of media after each line in this paragraph so that Outlook can automatically insert line breaks. Pressing the entire Enter key creates the paragraph that Outlook displays with double spacing by default. To create a line break if you haven’t inserted a paragraph break, use Shift-Enter instead.
    • The information in this article applies to Microsoft Outlook 2013 and 2010 2007. The procedures may differ in other versions.

    Microsoft Office products allow you to change how dialog boxes and paragraphs are displayed in those programs. Esland the interval settings between Outlook batches are greater than one person, an extra line may appear between message lines, notes, and added Outlook items. Double-spaced emails are readable, but you want to make them more readable by avoiding double-spaced emails. You can easily create it yourself for a selection, a specific document or all documents.

    Change Line Spacing In Current Document

    Step 1

    Start Outlook and create a new item, such as a best email, meeting, contact, or appointment.

    Step 2

    Click Format Text, then click Lines And Spacing Paragraph Image. This symbol consists of four side lines arranged vertically with up and down arrows next to them. After clicking on the icon, you will see menu numbers that include, for example, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0. These levels represent different values ​​for leading.

    Step 3

    Press “1.0” to set the ringing interval to 1. You can confirm that the time has expired by entering text in the window of your choice. E.g.When a person starts a new message, Outlook uses single line spacing when entering your rules. If you change the line spacing using this method, you will only be able to edit a new task, new contact, new exposure, new email, or new appointment. For example, when you start another message, Outlook uses standard templates that set you apart when you type your best message. If this standard is simple, the lines will be displayed with double spaces when the message needs to be retyped.

    Change The Default Line Spacing Altogether

    Why does my Outlook keep double spacing?

    By default, Outlook only uses double spacing between sections. If you see double spacing in sections, it is likely that someone changed your default settings. You can remove double spacing between lines or long sections by changing the default message concept settings.

    Step 1

    Create a new item such as a contact, email, or appointment.

    Step 2

    Click Format Text, then go to the famous Lines and Spacing section. Click a line parameter spacing to open the Paragraph dialog box. This dialog box contains commands that you can use to adjust border spacing, paragraph spacing, page breaks, and properties.

    Step 3

    Click the Indents & Spacing tab and select Custom from the Line Spacing drop-down list.


    How do I get single line spacing in Outlook?

    To do this, go to Design> Paragraph Spacing> Custom Paragraph Spacing.In the “Line Spacing” section, select “Single”.Below, select New documents based mostly on this template.Select OK.


    The “Set as default” step for displaying the dialog box has two options. Click All Documents Based on NormalEmail.dotm Template even if you want to apply the current changes to all Outlook documents. Otherwise, click “This Document Only” to confirm the changes to the current document. Click “OK” to apply the changes.

    remove double line spacing in outlook

    After studying physics, Kevin Lee began writing professionally in 1989 if he was a software engineer writing technical papers for Johnson Space Center. Today, this urban Texas cowboy continues to produce high-quality software as well as non-technical publications covering a wide variety of ideas, from games to current finance topics.

  • You can also change the spacing line of an element in a message or note when you select text before adjusting the spacing line. For example, you can use a single spacing of almost and at the top of the message, and double space at the bottom.
  • The paragraph box contains text boxes before and after with paragraph spacing. The default values ​​in these print fields are 0 or pt, ranges. If you want to add more space before or after the shape line, replace 0 with more values. For example, if you type “3 pt” – no quotes in the “After” text box and click “OK”, Outlook will add three more periods after each line. You can do this if you don’t want your points to be too close together. but you also don’t want them to be defined twice.
    • These steps are for changing line spacing in Outlook 2013. Results may vary if you switch to a different version of Outlook.

    Optimize your PC now with this easy-to-use download.

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